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Main building for a brick factory Spouwen-Bilzen (BE)

Main building for a brick factory (BE) Invited competition entry, Belgium Design 2017 The Project Leading...


Main building for a brick factory (BE)

Invited competition entry, Belgium

  • Design 2017

The Project

Leading in the concept is the material brick, an centuries old material that, despite and through constant renewal and innovation, kept its identity. The meaning of brick in the category of material is similar to the meaning of the house in the category of buildings. The house is a prototype that exist for centuries. The typology house has been chosen as the basis for the design concept.

  • The typology house remains contemporary, is not bound to a building style of a certain period.
  • The typology house is elementary, in the appearance image focusing on the façade material brick, not the building shape.
  • The typology house, linked as an ensemble, acts in an urban sense as a filter between the factory site and the village. The new building ensemble integrates in a naturally way in the street.
  • In the chosen typology, each function can have an appropriate size and characteristic space.
  • The typology house and the circuit as an ensemble makes a phasing over a length of years possible.
  • The existing chimney is integrated into the ensemble in a naturally way.
  • The brick used in the first instance in the facade can be exchanged by another brick, making it that the entire façade can be used as an exterior exhibition. The authenticity of the ensemble is preserved.
  • The ensemble built from connected houses also allows functional flexibility. Functions can get another place in the ensemble. It is possible to expand parts of the ensemble or replace them by smaller or larger ones without affecting the character of the ensemble.
  • The design concept gives a lot of freedom in the design and future phases to optimize the positions of functions and the mutual relations based on user preferences.
  • In the north side the ensemble is connected for phase 1 by a transparent glass connector. This is the functional backbone of the ensemble. Visitors, customers and staff move between the different functions. The supply of the various functions can also be done via the glass connector.
  • Matching the material brick becomes the monolithic, minimalist, elegant and pure form of the houses strengthened, by pulling the material into the roofs.