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Sint Jozefskerk, Keent Weert

Sint Jozefskerk Keent, Weert Transformation of a church into apartements (NL) Sketch design + analysis phase...


Sint Jozefskerk Keent, Weert

Transformation of a church into apartements (NL)

  • Sketch design + analysis phase 2017-2019
  • Start final design phase 2019
  • Client:


The St. Joseph’s Church is apart from an iconic building a social anchor of a suburb in Weert . In general, the meaning of churches in the society unfortunately greatly diminished, making the functional transformation becoming necessary, in order to be able to save the buildings. The St. Joseph’s Church, together with the district centre and the St. Joseph’s square are the heart of the area, old and young people can meet each other here. The architectural language of the church, designed by the architect Alphons Boosten is characteristic and unique. As a team we have examined, how in a respectful and subtle way the church could get a new function, which adds value and as well social significance for the neighborhood. We have developed a first concept, to realize apartments for the elderly of various target groups (e.g. demented elderly and their partners) in combination with homes for other target groups. It is the ambition to create in the ensemble an easy accessible meeting place for all citizens. Linked to the analysis of the possible functions, we studied the urban planning and architectural aspects and possibilities of the transformation of the listed monument, to give it a new future with great respect for the work of Alphons Boosten.  Leading for architectural interventions, e.g. to create more daylighting, of the exterior, the facades to preserve the exceptional solidity appearance. The aim is to make the history perceivable by architectural additions inserted in a minimalist, understated way in the existing building and at the same time, the interventions should be readable. The result should be a harmonious and balanced whole of old and new elements, both in metaphorical and physical sense.