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Villa E (D)

Villa E North of Germany Design phase 2010-2011 Completed 2014 Photographer: Arthur Bagen Project The desire a new...


Villa E

North of Germany

  • Design phase 2010-2011
  • Completed 2014
  • Photographer: Arthur Bagen


The desire a new house with pool and spa for a family of four on a generous garden plot in a typical residential area of a German metropole, plus a brief that determines both the type and size of the rooms, as well as the desired spatial relationships were the requirements of the clients for a villa tailored to the life of the family.
On this basis, a design concept is developed which equally accommodates the urban and landscaping spatial qualities, as well as the interior spatial properties (characteristics) and transposes these in an ensemble of rectangular volumes of different heights.
Elongated walls, corner open spaces, which can be separated from each other with sliding doors, as well as storey-height glazing facades allow diverse, at any time other, attractive spatial relations inside the house, as well as with the patio and garden.

A design principle, matching the interior and exterior in a subtle way, allows the views and prevents unwanted insights by.

Elongated walls, covered with Bauhaus Travertine and plaster together with cantilevered roofs and vertical oak lamellas define the elegant appearance.

Plans and elevations appear very simple at first glance, spatial complexity and relationships only can be suspected. Only where the functional necessity requires this, rooms are closed units in itself, all the others living areas, partly of different height flow through the open corners into each other and can be connected to each other.
Villa E is a residence that provides both space for a modern family life with a large circle of friends and at the same time also accommodates individual retreats. Light-filled living spaces in a modern, individually designed and at the same time very homely atmosphere immediately welcome to stay. These design features also characterize the spacious pool and wellness area which opens both to the southwest to the garden, as also has a separate, private patio in the south.

The limitation of using just a few materials such as oak and walnut, Bauhaus travertine and white plaster, which both can be used outside and inside and with the exception of plaster, for walls and floors, accomplish the villa and garden to be unified into a harmonious ensemble.

The meticulous coordination, planning and detailing of architecture, gardening, interior
and lighting design, individual designed furniture and high quality materials in a close and harmonious cooperation with the clients has led to a unique, individual, tailor-made solution. A restrained color palette offers space for color accents through art.

On the basis of the first design sketches a sustainability concept was developed in close cooperation with specialized engineers. Due to this geothermal probes and photovoltaic cells were used as an energy supplier for the villa. Triple thermal insulation glazing and external solar shading contribute to thermal insulation and prevent both unwanted overheating in summer as in winter chilling. An intelligent building control system coordinates the different components from each other and allows improved energy efficiency and a better comfort.