Bettina Sättele

Senior Architect,
Director / Co-owner Coenen Sättele Architecten


  1. Creative
  2. Communicative
  3. Solution-focused
  4. Empathy / Intuition / Imaginativeness
  5. Analytical / decisive
  6. Flexible
  7. Consensus-oriented
  8. Decision-maker
  9. Passion for innovation


  • Diploma architecture and design Technische Universiteit Karlsruhe (1983-1990)
  • SCI-Arc Vico Morcote Ticino, Switzerland 1991
  • BNA Traininig 1 and 2 Wood Constructions
  • BNA Training Circularity
  • Architectenregister 1.090515.001

Architect in urban design, architecture, interior and furniture design

Bettina Sättele has more than 30 years of experience in the field of architecture, urban planning (public space including the landscape component), interior and furniture design. Bettina Sättele worked as an architect and project leader for Jo Coenen & Co Architekten from 1990 to June 2011. She founded her own office in July 2011 together with Geert Coenen. The portfolio of assignments includes urban, architectural and interior assignments of various scales. Bettina Sättele has experience with complex inner-city tasks, which are often characterized by a multifunctional, complicated program. The realization of unique projects including the interior and furniture design are part of her daily work.

As architect, she is responsible for the concept development and the design of numerous projects and competitions in The Netherlands and Germany. In an ongoing dialogue with the clients and the project team, her approach is to design unique projects in harmony with the environment. A sensitive approach to the client’s individuality is key in her every day work, to create extra value within a characteristic design concept. Designs which are looking further than the limits of the program and materiality, always bringing a new point of view to achieve long-living architecture quality with a high future lifespan.